FLOW 365

Daily Flows To Help You Reach Your Goals

new flow daily

Enjoy a fresh challenging flow each time you login.

made for beginners

Little to no yoga experience? Thats okay! This program was made for you!

grow and progress

In time, flows will get progressively harder. You will always be growing!

What Is Flow 365

Imagine if you hired a professional yoga instructor to design daily flows for you. This instructor will meet you wherever and whenever you want – you simply show up as many times as you want per week and the flows are always fresh and new. Over time, the instructor sees your progress and crafts more difficult flows so you can advance your practice.

Wouldn’t this be amazing? How much easier would it be to reach your goals and find motivation to do quick yoga workouts?

Our mission is to deliver this experience to everyone!

Simply login when you want to practice and enjoy a fresh new flow. You are free to practice and progress at your own pace. You will see personal improvement as the flows get progressively harder.

Sometimes Life Gets The Best Of Us


Or should I say, sometimes life gets the worst of us…

  • Stress and anxiety from work and life cause health concerns
  • Too much sitting is linked to diseases and can cause pain in joints/muscles
  • Our busy lives don’t leave much time for gym or physical activities

The Solution?

Yoga – the perfect combination of stretching, building strength, and calming the mind. Yoga is quickly becoming an important part of every fitness regimen.

Professionals in all industries are turning to yoga for widespread benefits including: athletes wanting to improve performance, bodybuilders seeking to combat and prevent injuries, celebrities needing to get in shape, CEO dealing with stress and anxiety, and millions of others wanting a better way of life.

The best part? You are able to practice anywhere, without any equipment!

Yoga is shown to:

  • Tone and build lean muscle without causing a increase in cortisol
  • Keep muscles flexible, reduce joint/muscle pain, and prevent injury
  • Boost happy hormones and daily energy
  • Calm the mind and effectively combat stress and anxiety
  • So much more

Why I Created Flow 365

If you want to start practicing yoga, you have a few options.

Joining a studio is a good option, but you are reliant on their schedule and monthly fees averaging $100/month.

There are many online courses and subscriptions that offer yoga resources, but as a beginner, you are left sifting through videos and trying to find options for your current level.

Now there is a better solution – FLOW 365

For as little as $11.21 a month, you can let go and have fun flowing and growing wherever you are. These classes are meant to be fun and straight forward. 

I have seen yoga impact so many lives for good. The physical and mental aspects of a practice compliment each other perfectly and you will enjoy increased productivity, positivity and physical health.

Benefits / Features

Never Ending Fresh New Flows

Expect a new flow every time you log in! Your progression is always saved so you won’t miss out even if you decide to take a few rest days.

Only 30 Minutes Per Flow

Life is busy and that is why all flows are around 30 minutes long. If desired, you can restart the daily flow to extend your practice time!

Made With the Beginner In Mind

If you are new to yoga, this is the perfect place to start your journey. Each day you will be immersed a little deeper into yoga culture learning different asanas, breathing techniques, and philosophies.

Advancement Over Time

In order to enjoy all the benefits from a yoga practice, the difficulty of flows must advance with your ability. With Flow 365, it is very simple. Over time, the flows become more challenging as we turn up the heat and introduce harder poses.


The benefits of meditation include improved focus and cognitive function, reduced stress and cortisol levels, improved sleep, longer life expectancy and more. Enjoy new guided meditations added daily from our experts.

Advanced How to Pose Videos

Having troubles working into an advanced pose? You will love our how-to videos which demonstrate how to work your way into the most difficult poses, breaking them down step by step.

What Flow 365 Members are Saying

As a beginner, this program helped me build strength and flexibility incredibly fast!

Jake H.

The length of the flows is perfect. I can do the flows in under 30 minutes and I have so much more energy after.

Brenna H.

I struggled with arm balances before joining flow 365. Yogabum helped me advance my practice and figure out the advanced poses.

Allison C.

Free 14-Day Trial

When you sign up for Flow 365, we give you 14 days to experience the flows for FREE! If you decide it isn’t for you, simply let us know and we will never charge your account

You don’t have much to lose. Actually, you have literally nothing to lose!

I’m not doing this to get your money. If I was, I would be charging a lot more. I’m doing this because I want to bring as many people to yoga as possible.

So if you decide to join Flow 365…

Do it because you are ready for all the life-changing benefits that come with it.

Do it because you’re ready to start feeling amazing mentally and physically – looking great physically too!

Do it because scheduling 30 minutes into your busy life is all it takes to make a change for the better

Are You In?

  • The cost is a fraction of joining a studio.
  • When you join Flow 365 now, you get INSTANT ACCESS daily flows, meditations, and advanced poses videos for only $14.95/month
  • That’s LESS than $0.49 a day and you can cancel anytime!