YogaBum 3-Day Challenge

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What to Expect

Join the iconic 3-day YogaBum challenge and see why people worldwide love our program.

Experience the amazing benefits of yoga with no need for any equipment and the ability to practice in any space!

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The Fun Part?
Each day you can expect the flow to be more difficult than the day before. Can you keep up?

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Day 1

We start things out nice and easy on day one. You will be introduced to your instructor and her style. If you are brand new to yoga, this day will fun and challenging for you!

Day 2

If you found day one easy, then get excited for a more challenging day two. Most rate day two as a yoga workout that will kick your butt!

Day 3

Time to turn up the heat. Day three will include some advanced poses and the flow is intended to be difficult. If you can’t keep up, all the more reason to keep practicing!

Is This Challenge For Me?

Guy or girl, yoga experience or not, this challenge is designed for all!

With three days of varying difficulty, you are sure to break a sweat and have fun while you are at it.

No need for a yoga mat. Carpet, grass or even hardwood work just fine.

You have nothing to lose!

Yoga Benefits

Pain Free Muscles And Joints

Decrease Body Fat and Increase Metabolism

Increase Daily Energy and Drive

Practice Anytime and Anywhere Without Equipment

Increase Strength and Muscle Definition

Boost Serotonin and Dopamine (Happy Hormones)

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Shell!

For the past 10 years I have been bending around and doing all of the yogi things to improve my mental and physical health.

The physical aspect of a yoga practice is what draws most people to their mats, however the benefits of a yoga practice are so much more than increased strength and flexibility. Most discover the powerful emotional and metal benefits later in their journey. The fun and challenge of practice today and of Improvement over time is what got me hooked on yoga.

This program is designed to allow you to play and enjoy the benefits of yoga from anywhere.

Come join me and experience them for yourself!

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